Get comfortable, make yourself a cup of coffee, and curl up to read a good book.

We love to read. In fact, we started writing because we never wanted the story to end. If you want to roam to strange far and distant universes without ever leaving the comfort of your couch, if you want to get so involved in the delights of living another life that you forget where you are, you’re our kind of person.

We are readers who write, not the other way around. That means first of all we craft our stories to be fun to read. We have been working on these stories since we were children; each of our serial novels has at least a decade’s worth of development behind it, often more. That means they are detailed, rich, and engrossing. You can forget yourself in the worlds we write, we made them that way.

If you are a writer, we also have an on-line writing help section to assist those who are just beginning, or who find themselves struggling in their fiction writing. We’ve spent a lot of time designing articles about everything from the perfect Villain to how to find your character’s ideal love-match.

We invite you to look around our site, download the first episode of each of our serial novels free of charge, and take the evening off. Read something great, you’ll never forget it.